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Write, edit, publish, typeset and sell your self-published books, all from a single platform and start earning profits today.

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Start selling with a single chapter.

Books take months or even years to finish. All that time you're writing away behind closed doors hoping your book sells well.

Rather than waiting to finish your book, start selling with a single chapter and open it up for your early readers. Gather feedback, profit and build out a fan base for your book from day one, even before you finish it.

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Write, Publish, Improvise.

Write your book in public. Let your early readers give feedback on chapters as you finish them. Use that to improve, and re-publish. Adapt your writing, get valuable feedback, all while your readers read your book, months before you finish it.


Write your chapter

in (our online or your favorite) word processor. Start with a single chapter.


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and have fully functional storefront setup. Share with your readers and start taking pre-orders.


Improvise your chapter

by gathering feedback from your early readers, improving your chapter.

Self-publishing as easy as 1, 2, 3

Self-publishing your book shouldn't be hard, it should be easy.

Taking a finished draft and turning it into a self-published book is really, really hard. You have to manage multiple hard things, most of which you hate, to get your book in the hands of your readers.

Publish your book with IndiePaper and just start writing, we'll handle the rest. We'll take your draft and make it into beautiful work of words, that will put traditionally published books to shame, and that your readers love and deserve.

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Easy Writing

Write your draft in our online word-processor, custom built for making books.


Easy Editing

Collaborate with your Editor, on your drafts and see edits, comments and changes all in one place.

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Easy Beautiful Typesetting

When you publish, we'll typeset the entire draft to a beautiful typeset book in different formats.


Easy Print-on-demand Books

We'll make your published book available print-on-demand across 100+ countries.

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Easy Selling

Have a complete store-front generated for your book. You can even sell custom addons with your books here.


Easy Returns and Refunds

Returns, Refunds and Chargebacks are handled by our 24/7 support team, so don't lose sleep dealing with them.


Easy Profits

Keep 91% of every book you sell, and start making profits from your book. We take 9% + 30c (including processing fees) on each sale. We make money when you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I publish a book?

Write in our online word processor. When you're finished hit publish and we'll typeset and setup a storefront for your book.

How much does it cost?

We take a platform fee of 9% of every transaction. This includes payment processing fees, so you get to keep 91% of the profits.

How does pre-orders work?

Rather than finishing the book, publish what you have and open up the book for pre-orders. Publish chapters as you complete them so you can start earning from day one and your readers can enjoy your work before your book is finished.

Can I publish paperbacks?

We're currently working with integrating print on demand services.

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We're building a world where making a beautifully typeset, well formatted self-published book should be as easy as publishing a blog post. Authors, welcome to your new home.

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